The All-In-One U.S. Services Solution For
Asian Electronics Manufacturers

Internash provides leading full service supply chain management and logistics to OEMs and ODMs serving as a durable competitive advantage for our clients.

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Our Services - Logistics

Our ODM & OEM testing and repair services includes whole unit and sub-assembly repair. We use top technical resources and advanced IT systems to provide you with the most affordable and effective service solution possible.

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Our Services - Testing and Repair

Internash is a global provider of turnkey end-to-end supply chain management services. We provide our clients with leading inbound an outboud management that effectively balances the flow of parts to and from all parties.

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Our Services - Management Services

Internash Global Services, LLC

Internash Global Services, LLC is a supply chain management service provider to large electronic manufacturers who seek a complete solution that allows them to focus on what they do the best - manufacturing, growing their business and staying competitive in the market place.

Internash Global Services, LLC as a group covers service operations across Asia and America.

We have a near site facility to facilitate rapid turn-around-time, so our customers can have the best service in the shortest time. We continue work with our customers to improve our process, driving the cost down, and meeting JIT requirements on a daily basis. By fully understanding the business on a global scale, we work with our customers to create the most cost effective, high quality, and speedy solution.

Our Facilities

With several service locations, Internash Global Services, LLC is able to provide global service and logistics of world class quality.

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